Smart staircase module

A smart staircase module will make you feel like the king of the Bandstand. The smooth turning on of each step, running before your feet, will illuminate your path in the dark.
With well-designed lighting, it will create the comfort and safety of flights of stairs in your home.

The controller has the ability to turn on the backlighting of each step one by one or all steps at once. This controller, depending on the model, can be for up to 16 or 32 steps.

10.1.1. Adjusting brightness of the steps
10.1.2. Adjusting brightness of the lower and upper lighting
10.1.3. Speed of turning on the steps
10.1.4. Waiting period of the light sensors
10.1.5. Turning on the light from the smart-home’s panel or switch buttons
10.1.6. Selection of various effects