Lighting control features


This system will allow you not only to create various lighting scenarios and incredible lighting effects (it uses separate groups of light and multi-colored RGB backlighting), which you can choose according to your mood (“Romantic dinner”, “Home theater”, “Party”, etc.). By setting up landscape lighting, you can create a truly fabulous evening atmosphere in your yard or garden. When you leave home or go to bed, the smart system will turn off all lighting in the house at the touch of a button. And, when you are not at home, the system can imitate your presence there.
Smart-Home allows you to automatically control lighting, for example: when you enter the room, the system will turn on the light smoothly (in night mode, if you wish, it can turn on 25% only), and if there is no one in the room, it will either turn it down or turn it off. For this purpose, we use a group of sensors: a light sensor, a door position sensor and a motion sensor. The system determines, depending on the presence of a person, time of day and external lighting, whether it is necessary to turn on the light and, if necessary, in which mode. In this case, only those lighting groups and at that brightness level are lighted up, which you need at the moment.