Climate control system


A climate control system is mainly designed to create comfortable living conditions.
Climate control of the Smart-House provides unified control and coordinated operation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. As a result, you get the parameters of temperature, humidity and fresh air inflow that are most beneficial for the body.
Climatic zones. Adjusted specifically for you, temperature conditions are designed to create climatic zones depending on the purpose of each room.

For example, it will be warmer in the bedroom and bathroom, while a cost-saving mode will be turned on in the balcony and dressing room. You can create your climate easily, with a single touch on the touch panel.
Climate control is not only responsible for the temperature, but also reduces energy consumption, lowering the temperature in unused areas and turning off the heating of the warm floor at night. When you are not at home, the minimum temperature mode will be maintained.
The only thing that is required of you is to set up the necessary parameters that will determine the climatic indicators in the room.
You can set up automatic parameter switching – according to the time of day or calendar, or you can do it manually – using the touch panel. It is worth noting that the automated heating in Smart-Home is one of the most important functions that a SmartHome cannot do without. The automation eliminates the need to adjust numerous settings yourself, taking into account changes in weather conditions, time of day, and your preferences.