Smart-Home Design



Smart-Home electrical design is one of the key stages in the construction of an electrical facility. At this stage, the functionality of the facility, its safety and effectiveness are laid.

The design department of Smart-Home is equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment using the latest computer-aided design systems and equipment selection software. The many years of experience and access to the latest computer technology and specialized equipment allow our specialists to carry out work efficiently and professionally in the shortest possible time


Electrical works


We provide all services for connecting, repairing and servicing various types of electrical systems, including the following:

  • wall chasing and milling
  • automation and control systems of your home;
  • distribution electric networks up to 1,000 V;
  • switchgears and substations;
  • internal engineering systems in buildings and structures;
  • internal and external low-current networks;
  • telemechanics systems and automated utility metering systems;
  • uninterruptible or backup power systems.
  • grounding and lightning protection

We have all the necessary clearance certificates for the main types of design and survey works, which ensure the safety of highly sophisticated facilities.